Spring 2020

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Jan. 23 No seminar, first week of class
Jan. 30 Sylvester Zhang UMN Decorated Super-Teichmüller Spaces and Cluster 'Superalgebras'
Feb. 6 McCabe Olsen Ohio State Ehrhart Unimodality
Feb. 13 Sarah Brauner UMN Solomon's descent algebra and hyperplane arrangements
Feb. 20 Yibo Gao MIT Linear extensions of two-dimensional posets
Feb. 27 Helen Jenne Oregon Using vertex operators to prove MacMahon's plane partition generating function
Mar. 5 Mahrud Sayrafi UMN Dynkin diagrams and the licci conjecture
Mar. 12 No seminar, spring break
Seminar is postponed until further notice.

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sept. 5 No seminar, first week of class
Sept. 12 Chris Fraser UMN Polya's Theorem on Positive Polynomials
Sept. 19 Katy Weber UMN Colored Lattice Models and Lascoux Polynomials and Atoms
Sept. 26 Galen Dorpalen-Barry UMN The Universal Form of the Tutte Polynomial
Oct. 3 Esther Banaian UMN I've been to $n$ cluster algebra talks and I still think they are weird
Oct. 10 Eric Stucky UMN An Extra Cyclic Action on Parking Spaces
Oct. 17 No seminar, integration bee
Oct. 24 Nick Ovenhouse UMN Combinatorial Models of Character Varieties
Oct. 31 Andy Hardt UMN Classification of Reductive Algebraic Monoids
Nov. 7 Chris Ryba MIT An Introduction to the Deligne Category $\operatorname{Rep}(S_t)$
Nov. 14 Ashleigh Adams UMN Group actions on Stanley-Reisner and Stanley rings
Nov. 21 Danjoseph Quijada USC Some neat characterizations of Kohnert diagrams
Nov. 28 No seminar, Thanksgiving break
Dec. 5 Reuven Hodges UIUC Straightening and Foulkes' conjecture
Dec. 12 No seminar, final exams