Math 2374

IT Multivariable Calculus and Vector Analysis

Hello and welcome to the Math 2374 home page. This page may be revised from time to time during the semester. Make sure you are using the latest version. We will always announce in lecture when this page has been revised. Date of this revision: 12/14/03.

At this homepage you can get a copy of the syllabus and copies of the labs.

Final Exam Information:

Your final exam is on Monday, December 15th from 1:30 to 4:30pm. Makeup exams will only be given in extreme circumstances; generally the only reason is that you have two 2000-level math classes (say, 2373 and 2374) which would require you to take two finals at the same time. If this is your situation, go to Vincent 115. Any other situations should be discussed with your lecturer. Room assignments are as follows:
11, 12Smith 231
13, 14Smith 331
21-25 Smith 100

Course Information


CLICK HERE for the first day hand out. [PDF file]


Fall 2003
This schedule may change.
Week 1 Lab 1A - Introduction to Labs and Mathematica
Week 2 Lab 1B - Graphing Surfaces

If you don't have your book, download Section 1.2 #13 [pdf]

Week 3 Lab 2A - Parametrizing Curves
Week 4 Lab 2B - Parametrizing Surfaces
Week 5 Lab 3A - Continuity and Differentiability
Week 6 Lab 3B - Tangent Planes
Week 7 Lab 4A - Arcs and Arclength
Arctools.m (Required for this lab)
Week 8 Lab 4B - Line Integrals
Arctools.m (Required for this lab)
Week 9 Lab 5 - Applications of Integration
Week 10 Lab 6A - Surface Integrals of Scalar Functions
Week 11 Lab 6B - Surface Integrals of Vector Fields
Week 12 Lab 7A - Stokes's Theorem
Week 13 Thanksgiving Week - All sections have recitation on Tuesday
Week 14 Lab 7B - Divergence Theorem
Week 15 Review

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