Homework assignments and solutions to selected problems will be posted here.

Number Due Date Questions Solutions
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Midterms and Exams

Exam Sample Solutions Exam Solutions
Midterm I .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf
Midterm II .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf
Final Exam .pdf .pdf .pdf .pdf

Writing mathematical proofs

A mathematical proof is an argument convincing other people that a mathematical statment is true. In mathematical and scientific writings, it is standard that equations should occur naturally within full sentences and flow with the surrounding text. It is strongly recommended that students practice this style of writing in their homework. The homework solutions posted on this website will adhere to this style, and can be used as a guide. Some good resources include:


A great way to write mathematics electronically is to use the software package LaTeX. LaTeX is widely used for the publication of scientific documents in many fields, including mathematics, physics, computer science and engineering. Some good resources for getting started with LaTeX are

The homework assignments, solutions, midterms, and finals for this course are all written in LaTeX, and I will post the LaTeX files for all homework assignments throughout the term.

For preparing LaTeX documents, I use the command line editor vim, along with vim-LaTeX, and a PDF-viewer that automatically updates when the pdf file changes (e.g., Skim on Mac, or Evince in Linux). I have used this setup on both Mac OSX and Linux (Ubuntu and Slackware) operating systems.