image-right I am an educator and mathematician. My primary focus is on teaching and mentoring, as the Director of UMTYMP and other educational programs in MathCEP. You might know me from other settings as well, including:


I teach courses in UMTYMP and the math department. Most recent materials are on Canvas. You can find previous course pages using the following link.

Teaching Page


I have a long-standing interest in mathematical visualization and its use in the classroom. Use the link below to see various projects, old and new.

Visualization Page

Möbius Transformations

The banner image above is from Möbius Transformations Revealed, a video I created with Doug Arnold. Follow the link below to learn more.


Student Projects

I frequently supervise CLA senior projects, usually (but not always) with students who have taken a class with me. Contact me to discuss potential projects.

I also lead research projects with students, particularly UMTYMP students and alumni. See this paper for an example.


I always enjoy sharing the beauty of mathematics with others. I have talks appropriate for K-12 students, teachers, undergraduates, MAA meetings, and public lectures. If you’re interested in having me speak to your class or other gathering, please contact me!

Odds and Ends