2004 Graduate Student Topology Conference -- Schedule of Events

Time Room 1 Room 2
9:00 9:30 Arrival and refreshments
9:40 10:20 Julie Bergner (Notre Dame)
An introduction to algebraic theories
10:30 10:50 Paul Pearson (Northwestern)
Generalized group characters and complex-oriented cohomology theories
11:00 12:00 Keynote address: Prof. Fred Cohen (Rochester)
Braid groups, the topology of configuration spaces, and homotopy groups
1:30 2:10 Matthew Sean Miller (Oregon)
Compactifications of configuration spaces
Sunil Chebolu (Washington)
Stable homotopy over the derived category
2:20 3:00 Dean Serenevy (Northeastern)
Topology and combinatorics of arrangements
Eric Harrelson (Minnesota)
Open/closed string topology operations via Riemann surfaces
3:00 3:30 Refreshments
3:30 4:10 Kuerak Chung (Minnesota)
Yet another delooping machine
Jungyoon Byun (Pennsylvania)
Renormalization, bonsai and homological algebra
4:20 5:00 Jim Clarkson (Western Michigan)
A geometric proof of Blakers-Massey
Javier Zuniga (Minnesota)
Mapping class groups
6:00 8:30 Dinner: Bistro West, Humphrey Center

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