Marsden and Tromba, Vector Calculus, Sixth Edition.


You must have received a grade of C- or better from Math 1372 (or equivalent).


There will be 3 midterm exams and the final exam.

In every exam, you may take one 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper of notes (handwritten only, double-sided is OK). No textbooks or calculators are allowed.

Grading Policy

CategoryGrade basisPoints eachTotal points
HomeworkBest 10 assigments10100
LabsBest 10 labs15150
Midterms 120360
Final exam 300300
Total  910


We do not have fixed gradelines for this class. Typically, the distribution of the final grades is approximately 20% A, 25% B, 40% C and 15% D and F.


Students must make arrangements in advance if they will not be handing in homework on time or will miss an exam. Exam absences due to recognized University related activities, religious holidays, verifiable illness, and family/medical emergencies will be dealt with on an individual basis. See official University Policy on Makeup Examinations for Legitimate Absences.


The class will be conducted under the presumption that you have attended all lectures, labs, and recitation sessions. In particular, you are responsible for all the announcements made in class.

Online Readings

Before each lecture you should do the assigned readings on the course Moodle site. The readings go by lectures.


There will be weekly homework assignments, which will be carried out through WeBWorK. Homework is due on Friday afternoons by 4pm. You have unlimited attempts to do the homework.

Lab Assignments

Lab assignments are due by 5pm on the due date. Lab assignments and due dates are listed on the Moodle course page.

We encourage you to discuss lab assignments with your classmates, including strategies for solving different kinds of problems. Indeed, this is one of the best ways to improve your understanding of the course. However, when you actually write up your solutions, you must do this on your own. Collaboration during the write-up stage or handing labs that are almost identical to a classmate's is a form of cheating and may result in a score of zero for all your lab assignments.

Scholastic Conduct

We expect the highest standards of conduct from members of this class. Cases of academic dishonesty will be treated with utmost seriousness. See Student Conduct Code.

Student Privacy and Course Website

In this class, our use of technology will sometimes make students' names and U of M Internet IDs visible within the course website, but only to other students in the same class. Since we are using a secure, password-protected course website, this will not increase the risk of identity theft or spamming for anyone in the class. If you have concerns about the visibility of your Internet ID, please contact your lecturer for further information.


A final grade of incomplete is given only if you have successfully completed all but a small portion of the work of the course, and have a very compelling, well documented excuse from completing the course. We cannot give you an incomplete simply because you are behind in your work.

Drop Dates

You may drop the course without permission by the start of the fifth week of the semester (March 15, 2013). If you drop before the start of the third week, no mention of the course will appear on your transcripts. Otherwise, you receive a "W" for the course. However, it will cost you more money to drop the course later in the semester.

S/N Grade

If you are registered S/N, you will receive grade S if your letter grade is C- or above, and grade N otherwise. CSE students should not be taking this class S/N.