Third Workshop on Data Mining for Healthcare Management

Held in conjunction with
The 16th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
May 29th - Jun 01st - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Paper 1: Getting a Grasp on Clinical Pathway Data: An Approach Based on Process Mining Jochen De Weerdt, Filip Caron, Jan Vanthienen, and Bart Baesens
Paper 2: Epimining: Using Web News for Influenza Surveillance Didier Breton, Sandra Bringay, Francois Marques, Pascal Poncelet, Mathieu Roche
Paper 3: Modality classification for medical images using sparse coded affine-invariant descriptors Viktor Gal, Illes Solt, Etienne Kerre, Mike Nachtegael
Paper 4: ALIVE: A Multi-Relational Link Prediction Environment for the Healthcare Domain Reid Johnson, Yang Yang, Everaldo Aguiar, Andrew Rider, and Nitesh V.Chawla