Possibly attractive but basically meaningless graphics

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(I've made better, interactive, and animated mathematical graphics in Java (tm).)

Colorized version (GIF) of fanciful (i.e., fractal-ized) picture of a fragment of a "building"

Some illustrations from my buildings book: (Postscript)
The two classical two-dimensional spherical Coxeter complexes ... [ GIF version ]
The two classical two-dimensional affine Coxeter complexes ... [ GIF version ]
A small fragment of a building ... [ GIF version ]
The littlest building, that for GL(3,Z/2) ... [ GIF version ]
A three-valent tree made fractal-ish ... [ GIF version ]
A four-valent tree made "crystalline" ... [ GIF version ]
A bigger fragment of a building ... [ GIF version ]
A really big fragment of a building ... [ GIF version ]
Another view of the littlest building ... [ GIF version ]
A view of the building for GL(3,Z/3) ... [ GIF version ]
A messy picture of the building for GL(3,Z/5) ... [ GIF version ]
Another picture of a big piece of a building ... [ GIF version ]
A wild five-valent tree ... [ GIF version ]

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