Spring, 2021

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Jan. 21 No seminar, first week of class
Jan. 28 Moriah Elkin UMN Diagrams for Young modules over $\mathbb{F}_2$
Feb. 4 Rob Davis Colgate Pretalk for UMN Combinatorics Seminar: Applying the BKK theorem to synchronization phenomena
Feb. 11 Trevor Karn UMN An introduction to SageMath
Feb. 18 Pavlo Pylyavskyy UMN Purity of Weak Separation on Surfaces
Feb. 25 Patty Commins, Libby Farrell, Trevor Karn UMN Defining Equity in Mathematics
Mar. 4 Sarah Brauner UMN The multilinear component of the free Lie algebra
Mar. 11 Galen Dorpalen-Barry UMN Geometric Motivation for Oriented Matroids and Oriented Matroid Duality
Mar. 18 Hannah Burson UMN Pretalk for UMN Combinatorics Seminar
Mar. 25 Jessica Striker NDSU
(UMN PhD Alumna)
Grad school and beyond - a mathematical and personal journey
Apr. 1 Kayla Wright UMN An introduction to quasi-cluster algebras
Apr. 8 No seminar, spring break - -
Apr. 15 John O'Brien UMN Topological grading of Lie group representations
Apr. 22 Esther Banaian UMN Guided Tour of Snake Graphs (with Minnesota emphasis)
Apr. 29 Vic Reiner UMN Overcoming Mathematical Self-Doubt
May. 6 No seminar, end of semester - -

Fall, 2020

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep. 10 No seminar, first week of class
Sep. 17 Chris Fraser UMN An introduction to braid groups
Sep. 24 5:00pm Bruce Sagan Michigan State University Pretalk for UMN Combinatorics Seminar
Oct. 1 Libby Farrell UMN How to Count with ✨ Cluster Algebras ✨
Oct. 8 Mahrud Sayrafi UMN Computing in the 🌵 Derived Category 🌵 of a Toric Variety and A King's Conjecture
Oct. 15 Kayla Wright UMN A tale of cluster algebras research
Oct. 22 John Machacek Hampden-Sydney College Pretalk for UMN Combinatorics Seminar
Oct. 29 Huda Ahmed,
Michael Feigen,
Ajmain Yamin,
Yuanning Zhang
Stony Brook University,
UC Berkley
Filtering Grassmanian Cohomology via $k$-Schur Functions
Nov. 5 Anna Weigandt University of Michigan Pretalk for UMN Combinatorics Seminar
Nov. 12 Esther Banaian UMN Frieze Patterns from Dissections
Nov. 19 Sarah Brauner UMN The Orlik-Solomon algebra, the Varchenko-Gelfand ring, and complements of hyperplane arrangements
Nov. 26 No seminar, thankful for all of our speakers - -
Dec. 3 John O'Brien UMN Real Reductive Groups and Relative Roots
Dec. 10 Alex McDonough Brown University A higher-dimensional sandpile map