Workshop Presentations


Connection Subgraphs in Social Networks
Christos Faloutsos, Kevin S. McCurley, Andrew Tomkins

NetMine: Mining Tools for Large Graphs
Deepayan Chakrabarti, Yiping Zhan, Daniel Blandford, Christos Faloutsos, Guy Blelloch

Improving Knowledge Discovery by Combining Text-Mining & Link Analysis Techniques
Moty Ben-Dov, Wendy Wu, Ronen Feldman, Paul A. Cairns

A Framework for Mining Instant Messaging Services
John Resig, Ankur Teredesai

Detecting Related Message Traffic
David B. Skillicorn

An Overview of AFRL's Cyber Operations Program (Invited Talk)
James Sidoran, Air Force Research Laboratory

A Dynamic Model of Traffic on the Web for Analyzing Network Response to Attack
John A. Tomlin

Correlation Between NetFlow System and Network Views for Intrusion Detection
Cristina Abad, Yifan Li, Kiran Lakkiraju, Xiaoxin Yin, William Yurcik

Privacy Preserving Collaborative Sequential Pattern Mining
Justine Z. Zhan, Li Wu Chang, Stan Matwin

A Topic-Specific Hyperlink Analysis Method
Pei Yang, Qilun Zheng, Hong Peng, Yingji Li