Mahrud Sayrafi @ School of Mathematics, UMN

About me

I am a sixth-year graduate student working with Christine Berkesch. I am on off the job market! 🥳
Starting July I will be a postdoc at the Nonlinear Algebra group at MPI MiS in Leipzig, Germany and in 2025 I will join McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario as a Britton postdoctoral fellow.

My CV is here, and here are some recent updates/plans:


My research area is multigraded commutative algebra, particularly in the setting of toric geometry. Roughly speaking, I’m interested in using derived categories to translate the book Geometry of Syzygies to the toric setting and beyond.

Things I’ve recently thought about:


If you’d like to join or contribute to any of these activities, feel free to get in touch.

July 2025: M2 🤝 SIAM AAG

With Thomas B. and Thomas Y., we are planning a Macaulay2 workshop before the 2025 SIAM Applied Algebraic Geometry conference in Madison. Email us if you would like to lead a project!

June 2023: M2Week 🧑‍💻

With Ayah, Christine, Tim, and Mike, we organized a Macaulay2 workshop and mini-school.

May 2022: GradMoCCA ☕

With Christine, Caitlyn, and Connor, we held a graduate student conference in Minneapolis.

Directed Reading Program

The Directed Reading Program is a graduate student-run program that matches undergraduates with mathematics graduate students in independent reading projects followed by presentations.

New: read about the DRP in the School of Mathematics Critical Points newsletter!

Macaulay2 Development

A main aspect of my research involves developing and implementing algorithms to study explicit examples in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Some packages I’ve contributed to:

FGLM, LocalRings, Saturation, Truncations, VirtualResolutions, NormalToricVarieties.

Always happy to chat about Macaulay2 and learn how others use it in research.

Old News

Travel, talks, papers, et cetera:


I’m a fan of fermented foods, volcanoes, sewing & mending, anti-racism, biking, and backpacking.
I also like radio astronomy, anti-gerrymandering, cryptography, and privacy as a human right.