Syllabus and Course Information

Follow this link for advice from another professor about how to study for a mathematics exam. Not everything applies verbatim to our class, but he gives a lot of good advice.

The final exam for this course is scheduled for Saturday, 12/17/2011 at 4:00-6:00pm. Room assignments:

  • Sections 11, 12 (which meet at 10:10am on Tu/Th): Murphy 130
  • Sections 13, 14, 15 (which meet at 11:15am on Tu/Th): Murphy 130

Reading & Homework Assignments

Last updated on 09/04/12.

Note: The links in the reading schedule are for any available lecture notes, and the occasional external website. The lecture notes are scanned PDFs. I compress them before posting them on the website, which reduces their file size to less than 5% of the original (!) but does tend to make them fuzzy. (Let me know if something is too hard to read.) They should suffice for double-checking something in your notes, but I wouldn't recommend trying to read them as your primary source of information for the course.

Week OfReadingHomeworkDueSolutions

9/5 Section 1
Section 2
1.2, 1.4, 1.8, 1.10(a-e), 1.12, 2.4, 2.6(a-d), 2.8, 2.14, 2.19
(No writing problem this week!)
Th, 9/15 [pdf]

9/12 Sections 3-4
Section 5
3.2(d,e), 3.3, 3.6(a-f), 3.7(a,e,f), 3.8, 4.4, 4.12, 4.20,
5.2, 5.4, 5.10, 5.16, 5.22. Writing Problems: 4.8, 4.16,
Th, 9/22 [pdf]

9/19 Section 6
Section 7
Homework 3 [pdf] (Updated after class on 9/23) Th, 9/29 [pdf]

9/26 Section 7 (finish)
Section 8
7.6, 7.7(a-c), 7.13, 7.14
8.2, 8.3(a,c,e), 8.14
Writing Problems: 7.10, 8.15

Note: on 7.10 you must prove that your
functions have the required properties.
Fr, 10/7
(See email)

10/3 Exam 1
Section 10
Section 11
10.4, 10.13, 11.3(a,d,g), 11.11
Writing Problems: 10.22, 11.7
10/13 [pdf]

10/10 Section 12
Section 13 (Start)
Homework 6 [pdf] 10/20 [pdf]

10/17 Wrapup of Section 14
Section 13 Correction
Section 16 (Start)
Homework 7 [pdf] 10/27 [pdf]

10/24 Section 16 (Finish)
Section 17 (Start)
Homework 8 [pdf] 11/3 [pdf]

10/31 Section 17 (Finish)
Section 18
Exam 2 Review [pdf]
No homework due 11/10! (Just rewrites of Written Problems)

11/7 Exam 2
Section 18 (Finish)
Section 32 (Start)
Homework 9 [pdf] 11/17 [pdf]

11/14 Section 32
Section 32 (extra)
Homework 10 [pdf] 12/1 [pdf]

11/21 Section 33 (Start)
Thanksgiving Break!

11/28 Section 33 (finish)
Section 34 (start)
Exam 3 Study Guide

12/5 Section 34 (finish) Study for the Exam!

12/12 Prepare for the final exam!
Final Exam Study Guide

Office Hours

All of the instructors in Math 3283W have agreed to hold common office hours, meaning you can attend any teaching assistant's office hours, regardless of which section of the class you are in. Besides Professor Rogness, whose office is in Vincent 4, the instructors are as follows

  • Liping Li (Vincent 504)
  • Nick Switala (Vincent 360, office hours held in Vincent 502)
  • Erin Manlove (Vincent 420, office hours held in Vincent 502)
  • Ji Hee Kim (Vincent 524)
  • Hui Li (Vincent 503)

Use the calendar below to find office hours which fit your schedule. (If you are viewing this page early in the morning or late at night, you may need to scroll up or down to find the scheduled office hours.)


Exams 1 amd 2 will be held in the regular lecture room on the dates listed in the syllbus. The date of the third midterm has been changed to Friday, 12/9/2011, with rooms as described via email and announced in class.

Exam Solutions

These have been typed up fairly quickly; I've asked TAs to check for any errors, but let me know if you spot any and we'll get them corrected as soon as possible.

Update: I fixed a typo in the solutions to Problem 1 on the second midterm; the correct version uses g(x)=|x|+1.


We record your numeric scores, not letter grades, but to give you an idea of how you're doing in the class I will post approximate after exams. If the A line is 90, that means 90 is the lowest score in the A range, so it's the lowest A-. 89 would be the highest B+ in that situation.

Exam 1Exam 2Exam 3

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