I have a long running interest in mathematical visualization and its use in the classroom.

Mathlets and Java Applets

I have developed a number of Java applets which help students visualize concepts throughout the undergraduate curriculum. There are applets for single variable calculus, multivariable calculus and vector analysis, topology, and geometry.

Multivariable Calculus with Mathematica

I write and maintain a series of Mathematica Notebooks which are used by students in our engineering multivariable calculus and vector analysis course, Math 2374.

Mathematics on the GeoWall

The GeoWall is a system which uses two projectors and polarization to produce true three dimensional images. As implied by its name, the GeoWall has been popular in the Earth Sciences and is used by the Geology department at the University of Minnesota in its lab courses. I have created a number of mathematical materials for the GeoWall, including a sphere eversion, 3D views of topological surfaces, and a GeoWall version of the Curved Spaces software by Jeff Weeks.

Mathematical Stereograms

Single image stereograms (often known by the brand name Magic Eye) allow you to view an image in 3D by relaxing your eyes while staring at a picture. Recently a relative asked me to create a series of stereograms; while working on that project, I also created a few extra stereograms of surfaces featured in MathWorld.

Klein Bottle
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Monkey Saddle
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Also See

Möbius Transformations Revealed, a short film created with Doug Arnold.

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