EVSL  1.1.0
EigenValues Slicing Library
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1 #ifndef EVSL_DIRECT_H
2 #define EVSL_DIRECT_H
15 /* functions for B solve */
16 int SetupBSolDirect(csrMat *B, void **data);
17 void BSolDirect(double *b, double *x, void *data);
18 void LTSolDirect(double *b, double *x, void *data);
19 void FreeBSolDirectData(void *data);
21 /* functions for A-SIGMA*B solve */
22 int SetupASIGMABSolDirect(csrMat *A, csrMat *BB, int num,
23  complex double *zk, void **data);
24 void ASIGMABSolDirect(int n, double *br, double *bi, double *xr,
25  double *xz, void *data);
26 void FreeASIGMABSolDirect(int num, void **data);
28 #endif
int SetupASIGMABSolDirect(csrMat *A, csrMat *BB, int num, complex double *zk, void **data)
setup CXsparse solver for A - SIGMA B
void BSolDirect(double *b, double *x, void *data)
Solver function of B.
void ASIGMABSolDirect(int n, double *br, double *bi, double *xr, double *xz, void *data)
complex linear solver routine passed to evsl
void LTSolDirect(double *b, double *x, void *data)
Solver function of L^{T} x = L^{-T}*b.
void FreeASIGMABSolDirect(int num, void **data)
free the data needed by CXSparse
void FreeBSolDirectData(void *data)
Free solver data.
int SetupBSolDirect(csrMat *B, void **data)
Setup the B-sol by computing the Cholesky factorization of B.
Definition: evsl_cxsparse.c:57
sparse matrix format: the compressed sparse row (CSR) format, 0-based
Definition: struct.h:31