REU Opportunities - Arnd Scheel - Supported by NSF

I am offering research opportunities for undergraduate students in the areas of
  • pattern formation
  • nonlinear waves
  • dynamical systems
far from equilibrium. A few illustrations can be found below.
When? Summer or Fall 2011

What to expect? Look at the announcement from the 2009 REU

Support? Financial support is available

Contact? Send me

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I am considering applications now for Summer and Fall 2011.

What would you work on?

We do modeling, simulations, and we prove theorems. We want to understand dynamics of patterns and waves such as...
Liesegang patterns [1],[2]
movie and space-time plot

Dislocation defects [1]

Defects in front propagation [1]

Order and chaos in reaction-diffusion systems - simulations [1], [2],[3]

Our REU 2009

Outcomes I --- a slide presentation

Outcomes II --- two publications:

R. Goh, S. Mesuro, A. Scheel
Spatial wavenumber selection in recurrent precipitation
SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Sys., to appear

R. Goh, S. Mesuro, A. Scheel
Coherent structures in reaction-diffusion models for precipitation
Special volume on "Precipitation patterns in reaction-diffusion systems", to appear.

Some snapshots from a canoe trip on the St Croix