Student Commutative Algebra Meeting

For Spring 2021 the seminar meets:

The rough format of the seminar this semester is to meet every two weeks for student talks and on the remaining weeks have introductory pre-talks for the (adult) Commutative Algebra Seminar.

When? Who? What?
2/8/2021 Michael Brown (Auburn) The BGG correspondence for toric varieties (pre-talk)
2/15/2021 Mahrud Sayrafi The Beilinson Spectral Sequence
2/22/2021 Robert M. Walker (Wisconsin) Uniform Asymptotic Growth of Symbolic Powers of Ideals (pre-talk)
3/1/2021 Katherine Maxwell Cohomology of the Lie algebra of vector fields on a curve
3/8/2021 Janet Page (Michigan) Extremal Singularities in Positive Characteristic: Introduction
3/15/2021 Galen Dorpalen-Barry (UMN) The Varchenko-Gel’fand Ring of a Hyperplane Arrangement or a cone
3/22/2021 Avi Steiner (University of Western Ontario) The critical set variety of a hyperplane arrangement and its dual (pre-talk)
3/29/2021 McCleary Philbin A brief introduction to Lyubeznik numbers and a few of their applications
4/12/2021 Mahrud Sayrafi (UMN) Introduction to Multigraded Regularity for Products of Projective Spaces (pre-talk)
5/3/2021 everyone Wind down and look ahead!