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    PhD Tree

  • My PhD ancestory tree includes: Gerald Estrin --> Vint Cerf --> Hanan Samet --> Walid Aref --> Mohamed Mokbel

  • In this page, i am trying to maintain a more complete academic tree starting from Gerlad Estrin. The information in this webpage is up to my own knowledge. Please email if you have updates or spotted any inaccuracy.

  1. Gerald Estrin, UCLA, USA (PhD 1951, U. Wisconsin)

    1. Vint Cerf, Google, USA (PhD 1972, UCLA)

      1. Hanan Samet, Univ of Maryland, USA (PhD 1975, Stanford)

        1. Robert Webber, Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada (PhD 1983, Univ. of Maryland)
        2. Clifford Shaffer, Virginia Tech, USA (PhD 1986, Univ. of Maryland)
        3. Michael Dillencourt, UC Irvine (PhD 1988, Univ. of Maryland)
        4. Chuan-Heng Ang, National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore (PhD 1989, Univ. of Maryland)
        5. Kikuo Fujimura, Honda Research Institute, USA (PhD 1989, Univ. of Maryland)
        6. Thor Bestul, Macromedia (PhD 1992, Univ. of Maryland)
        7. S. K. Bhaskar, Univ. of Maryland Univ. College, USA (PhD 1992, Univ. of Maryland)
        8. Walid Aref, Purdue Univ., USA (PhD 1993, Univ. of Maryland)

          1. Moustafa Hammad, Google, USA (PhD 2004, Purdue Univ.)
          2. Ihab Ilyas, Univ. of Waterloo (PhD 2004, Purdue Univ.)
          3. Mohamed Elfeky, Google, USA (PhD 2005, Purdue Univ.)
          4. Mohamed Mokbel, Univ. of Minnesota (PhD 2005, Purdue Univ.)

            1. Chi-Yin Chow, City Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (PhD 2010, Univ. of Minnesota)
            2. Biplob Debnath, NEC Labs, USA (PhD 2010, Univ. of Minnesota)
            3. Mohamed Khalefa, Alexandria Univ., Egypt (PhD 2011, Univ. of Minnesota)
            4. Justin Levandoski, First: Microsoft Research, Now: Amazon (PhD 2011, Univ. of Minnesota)
            5. Jie Bao, First: Microsoft Research Asia, Now: JD Finance (PhD 2014, Univ. of Minnesota)
            6. Mohamed Sarwat, Arizona State Univ. (PhD 2014, Univ. of Minnesota)
            7. Abdeltawab Hendawi, Univ. of Virginia (PhD 2015, Univ. of Minnesota)
            8. Ahmed Eldawy, UC Riverside (PhD 2016, Univ. of Minnesota)
            9. Amr Magdy, UC Riverside (PhD 2017, Univ. of Minnesota)

          5. Mohamed Ali, University of Washington-Tacoma, USA (PhD 2007, Purdue Univ.)
          6. Thanaa Ghanem, Metropolitan State Univ., USA (PhD 2007, Purdue Univ.)
          7. Xiaopeng Xiong, D-Media Technology, China (PhD 2007, Purdue Univ.)
          8. Hicham Elmongui, Alexandria Univ., Egypt (PhD 2009, Purdue Univ.)
          9. Mohamed Eltabakh, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA (PhD 2009, Purdue Univ.)
          10. Yassin Silva, Arizona State Univ., USA (PhD 2010, Purdue Univ.)
          11. Ahmed Aly, Google, USA (PhD 2015, Purdue Univ.)

        9. Alan Saalfeld, Ohio State University, USA (PhD 1993, Univ. of Maryland)
        10. Yaser Yacoob, Univ. of Maryland, USA (PhD 1994, Univ. of Maryland)
        11. Claudio Esperanca, Federal Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (PhD 1995, Univ. of Maryland)
        12. Erik Hoel, ESRI, USA (PhD 1995, Univ. of Maryland)
        13. Ron Sivan, Tel Hai College, Israel (PhD 1995, Univ. of Maryland)
        14. Aya Soffer, IBM Research Haifa, Israel (PhD 1995, Univ. of Maryland)
        15. Gisli R. Hjaltason, University of Waterloo, Canada (PhD 2000, Univ. of Maryland)
        16. David Kuijt, Montgomery College, USA (PhD 2000, Univ. of Maryland)
        17. Glenn Iwerks, MITRE, USA (PhD 2004, Univ. of Maryland)
        18. Frantisek Brabec, Eaton Corporation, USA (PhD 2005, Univ. of Maryland)
        19. Houman Alborzi, Google, USA (PhD 2006, Univ. of Maryland)
        20. Michael Lee, Washington Adventist Univ., USA (PhD 2006, Univ. of Maryland)
        21. C. Ben Cranston, Univ. of Maryland, Canada (PhD 2007, Univ. of Maryland)
        22. Edwin Jacox, CNRS, France (PhD 2007, Univ. of Maryland)
        23. Jagan Sankaranarayanan, NEC Labs, USA (PhD 2008, Univ. of Maryland)
        24. Dave Tahmoush, US Army Research Lab, USA (PhD 2008, Univ. of Maryland)
        25. Michael D. Lieberman, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (PhD 2012, Univ. of Maryland)
        26. Marco D. Adelfio, MITRE, USA (PhD 2015, Univ. of Maryland)