EVSL  1.1.0
EigenValues Slicing Library
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1 #include "cs.h"
2 static CS_INT cs_tol (CS_INT i, CS_INT j, CS_ENTRY aij, void *tol)
3 {
4  return (CS_ABS (aij) > *((double *) tol)) ;
5 }
6 CS_INT cs_droptol (cs *A, double tol)
7 {
8  return (cs_fkeep (A, &cs_tol, &tol)) ; /* keep all large entries */
9 }
CS_INT cs_droptol(cs *A, double tol)
Definition: cs_droptol.c:6
#define cs
Definition: cs.h:637
#define CS_ENTRY
Definition: cs.h:635
#define CS_ABS(x)
Definition: cs.h:650
CS_INT cs_fkeep(cs *A, CS_INT(*fkeep)(CS_INT, CS_INT, CS_ENTRY, void *), void *other)
Definition: cs_fkeep.c:3
#define CS_INT
Definition: cs.h:627