CVPR 2015 Tutorial:
Group Behavior Analysis and
Its Applications

June 7, 2015
Hynes Convention Center Room 201
Boston, MA




In social scenes, people form multiple groups and their behaviors are governed by mutual interactions. Their behaviors are often strongly correlated, e.g., they pay attention to the same point of interest, walk together in a crowd, or make reciprocal gestures during dyadic interactions. In this tutorial, we will review the existing group behavior analyses in computer vision. This will provide a complete overview of the area through three fundamentals:

1) computational representations of social signals in terms of gaze, poses, and gestures (social statics)
2) predictive models that encode the relationship between the social signals (social dynamics)
3) various applications of such social scene understanding to vision, graphics, and robotics

The tutorial will also review social interaction datasets that allow us to empirically rediscover theories of social signals in psychology and sociology such as joint attention, F-formation, and proxemics.


Introduction (pdf) (8:30am-8:50am)

  • Why social interactions?
  • Group statics and dynamics
  • Challenges: captures, representations, relationship modeling

Social statics (pdf1, pdf2) (8:50am-9:50am)

  • F-formation and proxemics in psychology
  • Gaze and head pose
    - Social interaction detection
    - 3D joint attention
    - Gaze prediction
    - Applications to social footage video editing
  • Body pose
    - Social group discovery
    - Social role discovery
    - Applications to people detection

Invited talk (9:50am-10:10am)

Speaker: Ivan Laptev (INRIA)
Title: Action Localization

Coffee break (10:10am-10:45am)

Invited talk (10:45am-11:15am)

Speaker: Yaser Sheikh (CMU)
Title: Capturing Subtle Social Behaviors in the Panoptic Studio

Social dynamics (pdf1, pdf2) (11:15am-12:20pm)

  • Social force model
  • Causal and reciprocal interactions
  • Collective activity recognition
  • Group behavior prediction
  • Applications to basketball scene prediction

Summary and open problems (pdf) (12:20pm-12:30pm)


Invited Speaker

Ivan Laptev
Research Director

Yaser Sheikh
Associate Professor
Carnegie Mellon University


Hyun Soo Park

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Pennsylvania

Wongun Choi

Computer Vision Researcher
NEC Laboratories America, Inc