Math 2373 Spring 2006

Welcome to the class web page. Most materials in this class are given out as hard copies in workshop on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I'll place as much useful information here as I can.

This page was last updated on 04/26/06.

Lost and Found!

7622 Complex Eigenvalues is missing from the AlphaPrint lecture notes. Copies of this section were handed out on Thursday in workshop, but they didn't make it to section 21 in time. You can download a copy here, but be forewarned: I don't have the original file, so I had to scan the pages in, which made for a larger-than-normal PDF file. It's about 600kb long.

To get the file size below one megabyte I had to allow the scanner to do automatic text recognition. It seems to have done a good job, but let me know if you spot any typos.

Exam Information

The first exam is on Thursday, February 16th. Exams start at 5:30 and at about 6:35. Students at the early session aren't allowed to leave early, so if you take the exam at 5:30 and finish quickly, you'll have to sit quietly and wait until 6:30.

The second exam is on Thursday, March 23rd. Exams start at 5:30 and at about 6:35. Same rules apply as far as leaving early.

Study Guide for Exam 2 [pdf]

Locations for Exam 2. (Note the changes!).

The third exam is on Thursday, April 27th. Exams start at 5:30 and at about 6:35. Same rules apply as far as leaving early. The locations are the same as for exam 2.

Study Guide for Exam 3 [pdf]

Review sheets will be handed out on Tuesday and Thursday in workshop. Your workshop leaders can also provide answers to the review problems.

Textbook and Syllabus

You are required to pick up the lecture notes for Math 2373 at Alpha Print in Dinkytown; there will be another packet to pick up later in the semester.

The lecture notes include the syllabus and all homework exercises.

Useful Links

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