• CSci 2031, “Introduction to Numerical Computing,” Spring’06
  • Csci 2033, "Elementary Computational Linear Algebra," Spring'13
  • ME 4054/EE 4951W, “Senior Design Project,” Fall’05
  • EE 4951W, “Senior Design Project,” Spring’04, Fall’04, Spring’05, Spring’10, Spring’11, Spring'12, Spring'13, Spring'14, Fall'14, Spring'15, Fall'15
  • CSci 5551, “Introduction to Intelligent Robotic Systems,” Fall’03, Fall’04, Fall’05, Fall’07, Fall’10, Fall’11, Fall'13, Fall'14
  • CSci 5552, “Sensing and Estimation in Robotics,” Spring ’04, Spring ’08, Spring ’10, Spring'12, Spring'14, Spring'16
  • CSci 5980-64841, “Sensing and Estimation in Robotics,” Spring’03
  • CSci 8980, “Distributed Sensing and Estimation for Mobile Robots,” Fall’08
  • CSci 8980, "Nonlinear mobile robot estimation problems in 3D," Fall'12.
  • CSci 8980/5980, "Indoor Navigation with Mobile Devices," Spring'15.











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