Math 1155: Intensive PreCalculus

Welcome to the class web page. This is the place to look for any information about the class, or materials mentioned in class. You should look in the syllabus if you're trying to remember anything about the course -- calculator policy, policies on incompletes, etc. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Here are rough gradelines for the midterm exams. (Recall that they default to the standard 90%-80%-70%-60%, but I reserve the right to lower them as necessary.) These are only guidelines; we record your numeric scores on the exams, not letter grades. These gradelines are only to give you a rough idea of how you're doing with respect to the other students in the class. They can also give you an idea of how I think you're doing. In other words, the "A" range corresponds to the tests we think are consistent with "A" level work.

In particular, once you get to the lower scores, the gradelines are not as "fixed" as you might think. Most of these scores are from people who were simply caught off guard by a question or two, or had a bad day, etc. Their level of work will be much higher during the rest of the semester. Please, don't panic about a low score. Talk to me about it instead.

Due to a problem with question #4 on the second exam, the gradelines for that test have been lowered considerably.

On exam 4 I hesitate to even post gradelines because I don't want anybody to stress out about it too much. Many people had scores which seemed low, but weren't catastrophic. Generally it meant those people need to review 8.3 and 6.8 before the final exam, that's all. Review those sections before the final exam (and do the problems I suggested in class) and you should be fine with that material on the final.

Exam 190807060
Exam 285705540
Exam 390807060
Exam 490756045

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