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Professors and Grants (instead of Coconuts and Islanders)

Cents and Citizens (instead of Coconuts and Islanders)

Points of Density

Paul Cusson's Question

Presentation to HPHC on Thursday 16 January 2020

David Fox, CCL presentation on Saturday 9 November 2019

flyer test for UMN Forum Oct 2019

October 2019 Climate Solutions Forum in Eden Prairie

October 2019 Climate Solutions Forum at the U of MN


Financial Mathematics Lectures

Talk at Rod Fisher's Home

GRE preparation seminar

Talk at Mounds View High School (3 December 2013)

MATH 1271's Khan Academy

Central Limit Theorem

Tuesday 19 April 2011 talk on Banach-Tarski at St. Olaf:
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Talk on the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem             PDF version

Recording of 19 February 2009 talk at UMN Math Club

18 February 2009 talk at St. Thomas

PDF file of 18 February 2009 talk at St. Thomas

Recording of 18 February 2009 talk at St. Thomas

02 December 2008 talk at St. Catherine's

PDF file of 02 December 2008 talk at St. Catherine's

10 Nov 2008 talk in Duluth

Master of Financial Mathematics

Decay of matrix coefficients

Decay of matrix coefficients

Gödel Incompleteness

Notes on Teaching Assistantship Enclosures 2006

Notes on Teaching Assistantship Offers in 2006

Math 8301/8302, Manifolds and Topology, Fall 2004/Spring 2005

My IMA home page

A Mathematica program that verifies unisolvency of a stable mixed finite element method for linear elasticity in three dimensions.

A talk at the University of Maryland, College Park: From Lorentzian Dynamics to the Decay of Matrix Coefficients
A paper related to the above talk

Hillel Furstenberg's 2004 Ordway Lectures

Research Experience for Undergraduates 2001

Spring 2001 Math5467

Fall 2000 Math2283

Spring 2000 Math2283

Spring 2000 Math4065

CBMS Conference on Ergodic Theory, Groups, and Geometry

Math 1251

Research Experience for Undergraduates 2000

The Generals Song

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