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CSCI 2021: Course Schedule and Materials

University of Minnesota
Fall 2022

Schedule and Course Materials

All materials are subject to change and are marked internally with their latest update time.

Week Dates Lecture / Projects Links Textbook Homework Lab Solutions
  05-Sep Labor Day, No Class          
    Course Mechanics Slides Video   00. Environment    
1 07-Sep Introduction, C Basics Slides Code 1.1-1.10 01. C Intro 01. Setup HW01 Lab01
2 12-Sep Pointers, Addresses, Allocation Slides Code C Refs 02. C memory 02. C Basics HW02 Lab02
3 19-Sep Binary Data/Ints Slides Code 2.1-3 03. Binary Ints 03. File I/O HW03 Lab03
    P1: C Coding, Due Wed 28-Sep          
4 26-Sep Review     04. Review 04. Review HW04
    Exam 1, Fri 30-Sep          
5 03-Oct Bit Operations, GDB   GDB Guide      
    Floating Point Layout   2.4-5      
6 10-Oct Assembly Language Basics   3.1-3.5      
        Asm CheatSheet      
    P2 Due Wed 12-Oct          
7 17-Oct Assembly Control   3.6-3.7      
8 24-Oct Finish Assembly Control          
    Data, Security, FP Ops   3.8-3.12      
    P3 Due Wed 02-Nov          
9 31-Oct Review          
  🎃 Exam 2, Fri 04-Nov          
10 07-Nov Processor Arch, Pipelining   4.1-6 (skim)      
11 14-Nov Memory, Cache-Aware Programming   6.1-6.7      
12 21-Nov Program Optimization Techniques   5.1-5.15      
  24-Nov Thanksgiving Holiday          
    P4 due Wed 30-Nov          
13 28-Nov Review   FuncPointers      
    Exam 3, Fri 02-Dec          
14 05-Dec Virtual Memory, Paging   9.1-9.12      
15 12-Dec Object Code, Linking   7.1-7.11      
  14-Dec Last Lecture, Review          
    Last Lab Meeting          
    P5 Due Wed 14-Dec          
    Final Exams          
  19-Dec Sec 001: 01:30pm - 03:30pm Mon          
  19-Dec Sec 010: 08:00am - 10:00am Mon          

Required Textbook: Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective, Third Edition by R. Bryant, D. O'Hallaron, Pearson, 2016

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