Problems, lecture notes, final oral reports, etc
Problem Title Mentor's notes TA(s) Final oral report Students
1 Lattice models Brubaker Frechette, Tibor Lattice Models and Schur Function Identities
Lattice Models, Differential Forms, and the Yang-Baxter Equation
Cheng, Fonseca, Herman-Kerwin
2 Birational R-matrix Chepuri Tibor Formulas for Birational R-Matrix Action Lin
3 Cluster algebras Musiker Kelley F-Polynomials of the r-Kronecker Quiver Lin
4 Real roots Fraser Stucky Real-rootedness of Polynomials from Planar Graphs Cheng, Peng, Srinivasan
5 Toric regularity Berkesch Sayrafi Equality in the Eisenbud-Goto Conjecture for Certain Toric Ideals Cranford, Peng, Srinivasan
6 Frieze patterns Banaian Farrell Infinite Frieze Patterns and Dissections on Annuli Chen
7 Alcove walks Hardt Tibor Generalities on alcove walks
The Whittaker function and alcove walks
Whittaker functions and the alcove walk model
Borade, Huynh, Twiss
8 Virtual resolutions for monomial ideas Yang Kelley Virtual Resolutions of Monomial Ideals Cranford, Karhadkar
9 q-Rational numbers Ovenhouse Kelley q-Analogues of Rational Numbers
Cranford, Fonseca

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