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Check this space for announcements during the semester!

Instructor List for Fall 2003 (including Office Hours)

These are the instructors for the course this semester. If there's a link on his name, it will take you to his home page. The office hours listed here are in addition to those in the lab on Monday.

LecturenameofficephoneemailOffice Hours
Lecture 10 (8:00am) Duane Nykamp Vincent 202 5-0338 MW 9:00-10:30
Lecture 20 (1:25pm) Jonathan Rogness Vincent 358 5-2896 W 11:15-12:05, F 12:20-2:15
Section(s)nameofficephoneemailOffice Hours
11,12 Ryan Gantner Vincent 505 4-0518
13, 14 Jeremy Bellay Vincent 556 4-3339
21 Drew Ichikawa Vincent 559 4-4523
22, 23, 24 Upali Karunathilake Vincent 420 5-5099 Th 3:35-4:25, Fr 11:15-12:05, 1:25-2:15
25 Tyler Whitehouse Vincent 526

TA Lab Hours

  • Announcement: It seems we've beem preemted in the Lab on Monday, 9/15, at 12:20. Lab Office hours will run from 9:05 to 12:10, and resume the normal schedule at 2:30. TAs will be on duty in the Lind Hall computer lab on Mondays. Note that the lab should be open during other times, but there might only be an IT Lab Assistant present. That means you can work on the computers, but not ask questions about the labs or homework.

    8:00 (lecture)
    9:05 Upali
    10:10 Tyler
    11:15 Upali
    12:20 Ryan
    1:25 (lecture)
    2:30 Jeremy
    3:35 Drew

    Computer Help for Linux

  • Here are instructions for using email on the lab computers.

  • Help with basic linux commands (to delete/rename files, etc.) can be found here. (In particular read "Working in your Environment.")


  • Here is the IT Labs webpage: look here to find out where labs are, and when they're open.

  • Here are some instructions on writing lab reports.

  • Here's a sample lab report so you can see what we're expecting.

  • And here's a former TA's lab report for Lab 1B: [.NB] or [HTML]. [Warning: the Mathematica notebook looks nicer, but it takes a while to load because the pictures are included in it!]

  • Here is a little advice on the technical aspects of how to write lab reports, i.e. by hand, with the computer, which programs to use, etc. (The opinions are semi-official course positions.)

  • Remember: you are not allowed to print in the lab! If you choose to print your lab report using Mathematica in another lab, be sure to follow the online printing hint: To make Mathematica print brackets, parentheses, and other characters correctly: when you choose Print from the File menu, a dialog box appears. Before clicking "OK," make sure that the boxes for the options "Include Mathematica fonts in document" and "Include PostScript resource comments" are both checked. There's a picture of this on Dan Drake's page.


  • Here's an animation which demonstrates the first step of solving Stokes Theorem problems.

  • Here's an interactive version of the surface for Exercise 5.6 #16, along with some hints.
  • Here's an interactive version of the surface for Exercise 5.6 #17, along with some hints.


    Exam Sample Problems Solutions
    Midterm 1 (click here) Solutions
    Midterm 2 (click here) Partial Solutions
    Midterm 3 (click here) Partial Solutions
    Final (click here) Not available

    Exam study guides

    Study guide for exam 3

    Study guide for final


    If you've misplaced one of your midterms, you can download the exam questions. Note that you shouldn't assume the questions on the final exam will be similar to the exam questions; looking at the sample final exams (on the main course page) might be a better indication of what to expect.



  • Exam 1 [pdf]
  • Exam 2 [pdf]
  • Exam 3 [pdf]


    Here are a few homework solutions from a former instructor. They don't exactly match our assignments, but you might still find them useful. Please don't write to the author with questions; he's not teaching the course anymore. Contact your current instructors with questions.

  • Set #1
  • Set #2
  • Set #3

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