Dick Askey's 80th

To celebrate the occasion of Richard Askey's 80th birthday in 2013 a two-day conference will be held in honor of Dick on Friday and Saturday December 6-7, 2013 in his hometown Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Location: The venue is the Pyle Center on the UW-Madison campus. Here is a map including the Pyle Center, the Lowell Center, and the UW-Madison campus.

Conference program: There will be talks from 9am-6pm on Friday and Saturday, December 6-7, see this schedule. All lectures will be by invitation. Here is a list of registered participants.

Conference Photos:
Taken by Patsy Wang-Iverson, George Gasper, and Tom Koornwinder

Speakers, Titles, and Abstracts/pdf's of Talks:
George Andrews, Dick, Rogers and Ramanujan -- The Aftermath of the 1975-76 Seminar (pdf)
Mourad Ismail, The Askey--Wilson polynomials (pdf)
Tom Koornwinder, Dick Askey's positive addition to Amsterdam (pdf)
Hung-Hsi Wu, School mathematics education, a status report (pdf)

Bruce Berndt, The classical divisor problem and a double series of Bessel functions from Ramanujan's Lost Notebook (pdf)
Shaun Cooper, Ramanujan's theories of elliptic functions to alternative bases, and beyond (pdf)
Persi Diaconis, Orthogonal polynomials and (random) tri-diagonal matrices (pdf)
Kathy Driver, Properties of zeros of special function polynomials (pdf)
Charles Dunkl, Geometry and Hypergeometry (pdf)
Plamen Iliev, Bispectral extensions of the Askey-Wilson polynomials (pdf)
Christian Krattenthaler, Two applications of useful functions (pdf)
Willard Miller, The theory of contractions of 2D 2nd order quantum superintegrable systems and its relation to the Askey scheme for hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials (pdf)
Hjalmar Rosengren, Askey-Wilson polynomials and the tetrahedron index (pdf)
Alan Sokal, Complete monotonicity for inverse powers of some combinatorially defined polynomials (pdf)
Paul Terwilliger, Leonard pairs and the q-Tetrahedron algebra (pdf)
Walter Van Assche, Multiple orthogonal polynomials for modified Bessel functions and random matrices (pdf)
Ole Warnaar, The Rogers-Ramanujan identities for A2n(2) (pdf)
Roderick Wong, Asymptotics of the discrete Chebyshev and the Hahn polynomials
Doron Zeilberger,
Jane McDougall's Amazing Generalization of Ptolemy's Lovely Theorem (One of Dick Askey's favorites)
Followed by a Diatribe against the Current Mathematics Education (Dick Askey's Pet Peeve)

Hotel: The adjacent Lowell Center on Langdon Street has guest accommodations.

A block of rooms has been reserved for the conference, checkin December 5, checkout December 8. Breakfast is included. You should make reservations before November 7, 2013 when the rooms will be released. The rates (subject to change) are

Standard: $89 single and $101 double per night.
Deluxe: $110 single and $122 double per night.

Registration/Banquet: There is no registration fee, and all are invited to attend the talks and the banquet. There will be a banquet at the Pyle Center on Friday evening, December 6, 2013. There will be a banquet fee of $30, to be collected at the conference. For planning purposes, all people attending the banquet should register before noon, December 2, 2013 by sending an e-mail to Dennis Stanton, stanton@math.umn.edu.

Travel support: The conference offers no travel support.

Organizing Committee:
Tom Koornwinder T.H.Koornwinder@uva.nl
Dennis Stanton stanton@math.umn.edu
Paul Terwilliger terwilli@math.wisc.edu
Ole Warnaar o.warnaar@maths.uq.edu.au

Questions may be sent to any of us.