• Catherine Qi Zhao

    Associate Professor
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    University of Minnesota

    Office: Keller 5-213
    Phone: (612) 301-2115
    Email: qzhao at cs.umn.edu

  • My research is in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, and healthcare. In particular, I am interested in providing theoretical foundations and computational innovations in computer vision, inventing new machine learning methods inspired by AI problems, and building intelligent systems that leverage both artificial and human intelligence.

    My recent focus includes understanding neural networks, and developing explainable and trustworthy AI models. We also apply these techniques to emerging healthcare applications, for example, to understand and identify neurodevelopmental disorders, and to decode human motor intention in upper limb amputees.


  • our work on explicit knowledge incorporation in visual reasoning is out. [project page]
  • our new work on predicting visual scanpath is out. [project page]
  • I will be a program co-chair for WACV 2022.
  • our work on attention and reasoning to quantify and improve the decision-making process is out. [project page]
  • our work on leveraging attention as an interface to understand task performance is out. [project page]
  • we receive an NSF RI grant to study attention and reasoning. [link]
  • our work on autism screening with multi-modality information is out. [project page]
  • I will be an area chair for CVPR 2020 and doctoral consortium chair for WACV 2020 and CVPR 2023.
  • we receive an NSF S&AS grant to develop intelligent UAVs with active vision. [link]
  • our work on shallowing deep neural networks is out. [project page]
  • I will be an area chair for WACV 2019, CVPR 2019, and IJCAI 2019.
  • our work on emotion and attention is out. [project page]
  • we receive an NSF SHF grant to develop efficient time-based deep neural networks. [link]
  • we will organize the 3rd LSUN Saliency Challenge, in conjunction with CVPR.
  • the new book I edited is out -- it provides an overview of vision from various perspectives, ranging from neuroscience to cognition, and from computational principles to engineering.

  • our work on autism photo is out in Current Biology.
  • I have joined the University of Minnesota Twin Cities as an assistant professor.
  • commentary about our autism work appears in Neuron.
  • press release at HuffPost, Business Insider, Daily Mail, MedicalXpress, and Futurity.
  • our work is on the cover of Neuron. [pdf]