Math 3283W

Fall 2016

Final Exam Information

The final exam for this course is scheduled for Thursday, 12/22/2016 at 1:30pm-3:30pm. We'll be split up between Fraser and Nicholson Halls:

Please bring your UCard. All students (but almost certainly those in section 13) could have their IDs checked.

Extra Office Hours

Office hours are in the instructor's regular office (see "Office Hours" below) unless otherwise noted here.

You should continue to feel free to ask us questions via email anytime!

Study materials

Syllabus & Course Information

The final exam for this course is scheduled for Thursday, 12/22/2016 at 1:30pm-3:30pm. The location of the final exam will be announced later in the semester.

Are you wondering how writing is graded in a math course? See the following documents:

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Office Hours

All of the instructors in Math 3283W have agreed to hold common office hours, meaning you can attend any teaching assistant's office hours, regardless of which section of the class you are in.

Office hours will begin during the second week of class.

InstructorOffice in Vincent HallTimes
Rogness4MW 12:20-1:10
Albritton559MW 1:20-2:20
Corsi559MW 3:30-4:30
delMas556TuTh 9:00-10:00
Kelley526TuTh 1:00-2:00
Baker526Tuesdays 2:00-4:00

Lecture Schedule & Homework Assignments

Week of Reading Homework For Quiz On Solutions
9/5 Introduction Download HW 1 9/15 Skills, WQ
Section 1.1
9/12 Section 1.2 Download HW 2 9/22 Skills, WQ
Sections 1.3--1.4 (begin)
9/19 Sections 1.3--1.4 (finish) Download HW 3 9/29 Skills, WQ
Section 2.1
9/26 Section 2.2 (start) See Exam 1 study guide
10/3 Section 2.2 (finish) Download HW 4 10/13 Skills, WQ
Section 2.3 (start)
10/10 Section 2.3 (finish) Download HW 5 10/20 Skills, WQ
Section 2.4 (start)
10/17 Section 2.4 (continue) Download HW 6 10/27 Skills, WQ
Section 2.4 (finish)
10/24 Section 3.1 Download HW 7 11/3 Skills, WQ
Section 3.2
Section 3.3 (start)
10/31 Section 3.3 (finish) See Exam 2 Study Guide
Section 3.4 (all)
Section 4.1 (start)
11/7 Section 4.1 (finish) Download HW 8 11/17 Skills, WQ
Section 4.2 (start)
11/14 Section 4.2 (all) HW 9 - Posted on 11/21
Section 4.3 (start)
11/21 Section 4.3 (finish) Download HW 9 12/1 Skills. WQ
Section 8.1 (start)
11/28 Section 8.1 (finish) Download Exam 3 Study Guide
Section 8.2 (start)
12/5 Section 8.2 (finish)
Section 8.3
12/12 Section 5.1 See Final Exam info above


Information, study guides and gradelines for the midterm exams will be posted here. Solutions to Exam Reviews and to the Exams themselves are on Moodle.

Presentation and Project

Documents and tips for your oral presentation and writing project.